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And then it was quite sad, because she never met him – he died a few months before she tracked him down.

It was also the idea of how the internet was going to change the world, and make finding people so important.” The 2012 rebranding of Friends Reunited as a photo album sharing site, a place for nostalgia and memories, was largely disliked by longtime users.

But probably for now, it's put it back to where it was, do these other couple of ideas we've got, and then we'll see where we are."e've got a core, older generation of customers, so number one, we'll try and stop the decline for that generation and put it back to how it was.

Number two, I've got this new idea which we're working on at the moment, which is memory related. We're going to put them out and use the database to market ideas to users, and if you think about it that's what we didn't have in 2000 – it was harder work then.


There's a possibility we could do something like that.But I guess we knew how to do it.” JP: “We had enough money to pay ourselves for a year, plus 50 grand. Another one was a kind of dating site, a kind of precursor to the speed dating of today.So the idea was seven grand an idea – if it didn't work, we'd move on to the next one. And the other was Friends Reunited.” SP: “Friends Reunited one was my wife’s idea, Julie, for a number of reasons.The newspapers of the time were filled with stories of jilted husbands and wives blaming the site for their divorce, and at its height, in 2007, Friends Reunited claimed 55 per cent of all British adults were members.

Yet few of its users were active users (unlike then-surging Facebook's), and 2007 was when growth slowed – by March 2008, when the site responded by removing its subscription fee, active user numbers had already dramatically fallen.

SP: "I think it was inevitable, it was always going to decline, and it's amazing it carried on as long as it did.



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