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This is similar to missionary, but has a bit more excitement to it by the inclusion of her wrapping her legs over the back of yours.This brings you closer together and will keep a tight vacuum around her red hot pussy as you slowly work your manhood in and out.Once you use any of these positions on her, she’ll be gagging to come back for more!

We rate this one 4/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for enjoyment.The downside here is that it’s quite a frustrating position to get right, so you might have to endure a few attempts until you get it right. We rate the spider 5/5 for difficulty and 4/5 for fun.This is another great position for couples who are fans of slow, intimate sex.Even still, it’s definitely worth remember for any mature f-buddies you are seeing.

Get her on the bed, or at least somewhere semi comfortable, as this one involves both of you lying down.

Although we do think it’s the best alternative to the standard missionary sex position.


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